Interview With Brad Bauder

By Dave Acker

Brad Bauder is a saxophone player who toured with Duane Eddy in the 1970's.

DA: What is your background?

BB: Played with various groups, I'm currently working with Gwen Harmon and the Players at the Hilton in Scottsdale where we've been for about five years. I've also worked with groups in Vegas. I play most of the woodwinds.

DA: What records have you worked on?

BB: I worked sessions with the Friends of Distinction and many Al Casey things. We wrote some things together, back around Duane's beginnings. We wrote JIVIN' AROUND, COOKIN' and a couple of others, can't remember their names.

DA: Did you work with Duane on his 1975 GTO album?

BB: I played on a couple of cuts but I couldn't tell you their names. What I did was go down to Audio Recorders and did the sax parts. I've never heard the album. Duane flew in from LA and we went down to A/R, put the headphones on me, and he had the rhythm tracks and so forth. Oh yeah, one was PLAY ME LIKE YOU PLAY YOUR GUITAR.

DA: Have you toured with Duane?

BB: Yeah, I toured Asia with him, that was around 1971. I also did the tour of England-Austrailia around '73 or '74. Duane has a very large following over there. In fact, we worked Biba's and their turn-out was simply fantastic. Biba's is a big club there, kinda the "in" place. We did a concert and it was the most fantastic thing. People were dancing on top of the tables and if we'd made a half-hour film of that it would've been just fantastic.

DA: What is it like traveling on the road?

BB: It's very tiring really, you've got to amuse yourself, talk about silly things. Like when we were over in England we were doing a couple of concerts a day. It seemed like you'd see the country-side but you were driving so fast you couldn't enjoy it. England is a fascinating place to work. The country is so beautiful.

DA: I'm glad you said that because this interview will be read by many people in England.

BB: Well, it's charming. I'm looking forward to going back there sometime.

DA: What type of music do you enjoy playing the most?

BB: I'm pretty well rounded, I like to play most anything. In the group I'm with now, we play all kinds, might start out with a Carly Simon tune, then an old standard, and so on.

DA: Would you consider another tour with Duane in the future?

BB: Sure, I'd love to do another one. Duane and I get along very well.

DA: Is Duane pretty easy to work with?

BB: Very, Duane is Duane. He's very amiable, very quiet and he's not a drinker. He was that way when I met him. We worked some sessions together before he had his hits, and I originally was supposed to be his sax player. That's when he made REBEL ROUSER. At the last minute I couldn't leave town due to some problems. I probably worked with Duane and Al two-three years before REBEL ROUSER.

DA: Are there any of the Rebels still in town?

BB: Dave Campbell is here, he works with me at the Hilton. He worked with Duane, only back then he played bass, now he's playin' drums.

DA: Thanks alot for taking the time to talk to me.

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