Mini Interview With Vito Piccone

By Lou Antonicello

Vito Piccone was the former lead singer with the Elegants, whose "Little Star" was a number one record during 1958. Lou conducted this interview during the 1979 Collector's Awards, which were held at the Dorian Manor in Old Bridge, New Jersey.

The Elegants w/Vito 1st on the right.

Vito: Are you the guy with Duane Eddy?

Lou: Yes, I am.

Vito: Great! I want to talk to you. Do you ever talk to him?

Lou: From time to time.

Vito: Well, next time you do, would you give him my regards. Tell him that Vito Piccone was asking about him. He'll know.

Lou: Did you ever work with Duane?

Vito: Yeah, we did a tour together during '58. It was a lot of fun!

Lou: Fifty-eight. That was a good year for you both, wasn't it?

Vito: Yeah! I've always wondered about Duane. We haven't crossed paths, but he was a heck of a nice guy. He was a lot of fun on that tour. The guys (The Elegants) got along great with him!

Lou: How?

Vito: He just loved to have a good time. (He smiles thoughtfully)

Lou: And you haven't seen him in years?

Vito: No, that's why I approached you. I figure Duane and I will probably not see each other anytime soon, so I wanted to get word out to him that it was a great pleasure to have known case I never have the chance to tell him in person. You know, I have this wall in my house covered with all kinds of plaques and awards; pictures and things like that. Well, right in the middle is a thing Duane gave me...written in his own handwriting. It's eye-level and it always gets a big reaction. It's the center of attraction!

Lou: Why don't you put a message to Duane in the Collector's Awards program. I'll see that he gets it.

Vito: That'd be great.

Lou: Thanks alot, and good luck to you.

Vito: It's been my pleasure, I'm sure.

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