01. Duane A Go-Go: Trash 
Eddy, Duane 2:25 
02. Duane A Go-Go: Puddin' 
Eddy, Duane 1:59 
03. Duane A Go-Go: Movin' & Groovin' 
Eddy, Duane 1:52 
04. Duane A Go-Go: Choo Choo A Go Go Toot! Toot! 
Eddy, Duane 2:08 
05. Duane A Go-Go: Just To Satisfy You 
Jennings 3:00 
06. Duane A Go-Go: Around The Block In 80 Days (March In 'A') 
Eddy, Duane 2:17 
07. Duane A Go-Go: Cottonmouth 
Eddy, Duane 2:25 
08. Duane A Go-Go: If You've Seen One You've Seen 'Em All! 
Eddy, Duane 2:10 
09. Duane A Go-Go: South Phoenix 
Eddy, Duane 2:25 
10. Duane A Go-Go: Dream Lover 
Darin 2:25 
11. Duane A Go-Go: Busted 
Howard 2:39 
12. Duane A Go-Go: I'm Blue 
Eddy, Duane 2:02 

13. Duane Does Dylan: Don't Think Twice It's Alright 
Dylan, Bob 2:55 
14. Duane Does Dylan: The House Of The Rising Sun  
15. Duane Does Dylan: It Ain't Me Babe 
Dylan, Bob 2:25 
16. Duane Does Dylan: Not The Lovin' Kind 
Hazelwood, Lee 2:48 
17. Duane Does Dylan: She Belongs To Me 
Dylan, Bob 2:15 
18. Duane Does Dylan: All I Really Want To do 
Dylan, Bob 2:27 
19. Duane Does Dylan: Houston 
Hazelwood, Lee 2:55 
20. Duane Does Dylan: Love Minus Zero/No Limit 
Dylan, Bob 2:20 
21. Duane Does Dylan: Mr. Tambourine Man 
Dylan, Bob 2:13 
22. Duane Does Dylan: Blowin' In The Wind 
Dylan, Bob 2:46 
23. Duane Does Dylan: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot  
24. Duane Does Dylan: Eve Of Destruction 
Sloan 2:13